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Rhino Shield Primers Background

Just like with any other exterior painting job, applying a primer must be the first step taken in the process of getting a beautiful exterior coat. Primers are designed to prepare the surface that is about to be painted so that whatever it is coated with will last longer and look better. Rhino Shield's primer products stand out among other primers on the exterior painting market. They are specifically engineered to create the perfect primed surface so that your exterior painting project, whether residential or commercial, will provide you with the best results possible. Every single one of our primers, when applied by our skilled dealers, will ensure your exterior painting job is a successful one.

When you work with an authorized Rhino Shield dealer for your next exterior coating project, you'll be working with someone who's got your best interests in mind. Each of our dealers is educated in every step of the Rhino Shield process, from how to perfectly apply our high-quality primers to making sure your topcoat of choice is exactly what you want it to be. We'll make sure your surfaces are properly primed so they can accept our premier coatings.

Rhino shield primers
Adhesive primer

Adhesive Primer

Rhino Shield's adhesive primer sealer is our proprietary primer sealer. It is totally unique and unlike other primers in that upon application, it dries to form a watertight membrane on the surface, penetrating and becoming a part of the substrate itself.

Elastomeric primer

Elastomeric Primer

Here at Rhino Shield, we take pride in having some of the highest quality primers you can get, from APS to our self-priming coat. No matter what kind of exterior coating need you have for your home or business, our primers will ensure your surfaces are ready to receive the best products we have to offer.

Cement Board Primer

Cement Board Primer

Cement Board Primer, or CBP, is a waterborne, latex-based, high resin content formula that's specifically engineered for sealing and conditioning porous interior and exterior cement board siding, stucco, and block surfaces.

Rust inhibitors

Rust Inhibitors

Red oxide is more environmentally friendly than traditional red iron oxide formulas, making it the perfect choice for those who want to stay as green as possible when it comes to their exterior painting and coatings. Rhino Shield's red oxide metal primer is classified as a water-based, direct-to-metal primer.