Can you ship industrial products worldwide?
Yes, subject to country regulations.
Can I install these myself? Can these products be purchased directly from Rhino Shield?
Where we have a dealer or distributor, we strongly encourage utilizing our trained local dealers. However, depending on the experience level of the customer/equipment, we can sell directly to experienced contractors.
I have a rust problem. Do you have a product that can help?
We have several products including Rhino Rust Bond and Red Iron Oxide that not only can encapsulate and inhibit rust but do not require sand blasting.
I live in a very cold climate; do you have a product for me?
We have polar flexible certified products.
Can these products be used in tropical climates?
Yes. Our coatings are designed to protect and last in harsh climates and prevent UV breakdown.
Do you offer a warranty on industrial products?
Yes, but it depends on the application in which the coating will be used. For more information, contact Rhino Shield Customer Service to inquire about your particular project.
Do you offer technical support to help me select the product for my application?
Yes, we have a support team available to determine which coating is best suited for your needs.
Are your products available in metric measurements?
We package our coatings in US gallons and have metric conversions available. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you spec your products.
Do you provide installation instructions?
Yes, an application manual for all of our products is available. An English language version of our ceramic wall coating video is also on hand.
Are industrial products lab tested?
Yes. All claims are independently verified. Testing reports cover conditions such as adhesion, moisture resistance, and heat resistance.
What can Rhino Shield Industrial products be used on?
Our products have many uses and applications. Please see our uses chart for further information.