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Industrial Background

Rhino Shield has been serving businesses with exterior painting needs for years now, providing the best industrial coatings for applications of all kinds. Some of the most successful applications include heavy use outdoor railings, warehouse floors, metal roofs, car wash bays, industrial steel poles, parking garages, potable water tanks, and chemical storage tanks. We've even coated fighter jets and wind tunnels! Let us help solve your most difficult industrial maintenance problems with our innovative and perfectly engineered products.

Rhino Shield's specialty industrial coatings work to protect structures of all shapes and sizes from corrosion, salt, moisture, acids, fuels, impacts, and abrasions for years to come. We trust in the quality and installation of our products; they are designed to last and are backed by long warranties, giving you peace of mind that your business can continue to run smoothly without interruption. Each of our installers is highly experienced and ready to take on the projects you need to keep your building or structure looking beautiful and preserved for years. Coat your greatest investment in quality with Rhino Shield.

Industrial benefits

Industrial Coatings Benefits

When you choose to partner with Rhino Shield for your industrial coatings, you're choosing to work with a company that is in the business of protecting yours. You're also signing up for some of the best benefits that any exterior painting product can offer, like:

  • Resistance, Particularly in Areas of High Traffic/Usage
  • Various Products Are Immersion Coatings and Provide Protection When Submerged in Liquids
  • Durability and Strength of Coatings are Ideal for Harsh Climates
  • Coatings May be Tinted to Any Color and Have High Color Retention
  • Designed to Handle and Resist UV Rays and UV Breakdowns

Industrial Coatings FAQs

Yes, subject to country regulations.

Where we have a dealer or distributor, we strongly encourage utilizing our trained local dealers. However, depending on the experience level of the customer and the equipment they have, we can sell directly to experienced contractors.

We have several products including Rhino Rust Control and Red Iron Oxide that not only can encapsulate and inhibit rust but do not require sandblasting.

We have polar flexible certified products.

Yes. Our coatings are designed to protect and last in harsh climates and prevent UV breakdown.

Yes, but it depends on the application in which the coating will be used. For more information, contact Rhino Shield Customer Service to inquire about your particular project.

Yes, we have a support team available to determine which coating is best suited for your needs.

We package our coatings in US gallons and have metric conversions available. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you spec your products.

Yes, an application manual for all of our products is available. An English language version of our ceramic wall coating video is also on hand.

Yes. All claims are independently verified. Testing reports cover conditions such as adhesion, moisture resistance, and heat resistance.

Our products have many uses and applications. Please see our uses chart for further information.

Industrial Coatings Products Background

Industrial Coatings Products

Rhino Shield offers an array of high-quality industrial coatings that offer solutions to many typical industrial maintenance problems. Our industrial coatings line consists of:

  • Rust inhibitors and encapsulators
  • High gloss polyurethanes
  • Water-based epoxies
  • Ceramic coatings and epoxies
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