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Become a Rhino Shield Authorized Dealer

Join the family of Rhino Shield Authorized Dealers and open the door to a future in the home and business exterior coating business! Rhino Shield has several open territories for the right company to thrive with an Exclusive Rhino Shield Dealership.

Georgia Coatings, Rhino Shield Dealer for Georgia, Jeff & Roxanne Ecklund

Timeless Coatings, Rhino Shield Dealer for Michigan, Marc Mercier

Final Coat, Rhino Shield Dealer for New England, Matt Giovanello

A Rhino Shield Authorized Dealership Includes:

  1. Opportunity - Rhino Shield is a Premier National Brand in the exterior coatings industry, and it generates great margins for Dealers. If you own an established painting or coating business, Rhino Shield opens new doors for your company.
  2. Exclusivity - Your territory is exclusive to you, no other Rhino Shield Authorized Dealers will be allowed.
  3. No Franchise Fees - Rhino Shield employs a dealership model with a low-cost startup and No Franchise Fees! This allows you to invest in your business and keep initial and on-going capital requirements low.
  4. Training - Excellent training on Rhino Shield, the Nation's Leading Exterior Wall Coating. We employ a combination of both in class and field training for all new dealers. Our Rhino Shield Sales system has worked for more than twenty years, and it can work for you.

Call 850-424-6805 ext. 1005 or fill out the Form Below to Join the Rhino Shield Family & Launch Your Exclusive Dealership Today!

Rhino Shield is a Proven Exterior Paint Coating Leader


Since 2000, Rhino Shield has been growing across the country and is a recognized leader in premium exterior wall coating technology.

Consulting with top chemists and manufacturing partners and investing in R & D, the Rhino Shield system was born. Utilizing the latest in elastomeric ceramic technology, the Rhino Shield system has been thoroughly tested by leading outside testing laboratories. Lab testing combined with extensive field testing over the last 20+ years has confirmed the durability benefits of the Rhino Shield system. When you sell Rhino Shield you are including a 25 Year Warranty! Rhino Shield works on virtually any wall surface and any climate and it can be applied using conventional airless spraying equipment.

With Rhino Shield, many new doors for residential and commercial sales open to your business. Rhino Shield's name is synonymous with quality, and with quality comes a large potential client base looking to make their home or business exterior maintenance-free. Your ability to offer Rhino Shield can help open doors to clients that traditional exterior paint contractors simply cannot serve.

As a high end product, Rhino Shield offers great margins on sales for our dealers. Typical Rhino Shield dealers gross $1.5M+ in gross revenue with gross profits in excess of 55% and net profit margins of 15-20%.


With Rhino Shield, your territory is protected as the only Authorized Dealer in your area. All leads that come into Rhino Shield Corporate are yours. As an Exclusive Dealer, this also has the potential to plug your existing business into a larger customer base. Call us to inquire if your desired territory is available today!


Access to most high quality national brand offerings come with a franchise fee, a percentage of all your sales on-going. Not Rhino Shield!  You own your business and your Dealership and you benefit from our dealer model that includes No Franchise Fees!


With a Rhino Shield Dealership comes extensive training on the product and sales. Hit the ground running with confidence in your knowledge of the product offering and the ability to sell it!

Rhino Shield offers:

  • Product Training
  • Application Training
  • In-home Sales Training
  • Marketing Support
  • Dealer and Financial Management
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