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Rhino Shield’s Bio-inhibitor Testing Helps Coatings Last Longer

Rhino shield bio inhibitor testing helps coatings last longer

Rhino Shield has spent years refining its formula for bio-resistance to combat staining caused by the growth of mildew, algae and fungus. The coatings company’s extensive field testing has led to an improved product that fights the growth of these nuisance fungi for decades.

Mike Moore, AmCoat’s Director of Products and Applications, explains.

“One of the hallmarks of our Rhino Shield coatings is its resistance to bio-growth,” said Moore. “The 4-part cocktail we use is highly effective because of years of testing in the specific environments where mildew and fungus grow.”

Some of that field research led to an interesting discovery of a non-native species of fungus.

“Four years ago, one of our biologists was collecting test samples of different species in parts of Florida,” said Moore. “They actually collected a species of fungus that nobody knew was in the U.S. — it was from the Caribbean and that may have been the first documented finding in the country. We go to great lengths to ensure our coatings are resistant to just about any kind of growth.”

Coatings with an effective bio-package helps them last longer and look better, reducing maintenance, cleaning and the need to recoat.

“Rhino Shield’s bio-package is a 4-part, EPA approved cocktail that — when added to our ceramic elastomeric formula — helps break the painting cycle,” said Moore. “Residential and commercial customers love that because they don’t have to worry about repainting every 5-7 years — there’s a real savings there.”

Rhino Shield continually refines their coatings products, heavily investing in Research and Development over the years.

“Since we were acquired a couple of years ago, there has been a renewed emphasis on testing and Research and Development,” said Moore. “Our leadership wants to make sure we continue offering a superior product to our customers and they are putting a substantial investment behind that.”

Veteran-Owned and made in the U.S.A., Rhino Shield’s elastomeric-ceramic coating goes on 8-10 times thicker than conventional paint and includes a long-term product warranty.

AmCoat is expanding its Rhino Shield dealer distribution network to Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, New York City, Omaha, Buffalo, Rochester, Los Angeles, Boise, Baltimore, Richmond and more. Entrepreneurs in those areas who are interested in learning more about starting up a Rhino Shield dealership should email or call (850) 424-6805.